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Procedure for deleting data from this website:

To remove your data from True People Search

Click on the link below: 

  1. Enter your email down below

  2. Click on the box agreeing that you are the subject of the record requesting to be removed

  3. Click on the captcha box verifying that you’re human

  4.   Type your first and last name and type your city and state up in the search bar.

  5. Once you find your information click on view details to the right of your name

  6. Scroll down to the bottom where it says “Remove This Record” under “View Background Report.”

  7. Click on Remove This Record

  8. Go to your email account that you entered in the beginning and find the email sent by that this email may go into your junk or trash bins)

  9. Click on the link

  10. Your record should be removed within 72 hours

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