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Wiener Cyber Scholars program

Hello current and future Cyber Students! It is my honor to announce the Robert Wiener scholars, where a group of students will receive up to a $5,000.00 scholarship during their studies at WCC. Mr. Robert Wiener is an extraordinary person and he has donated for many years to WCC Foundation with the goal in helping students like you. Our application deadline is short, so please complete this as quickly as possible.

-Curriculum Chair John Watkins

Who is Robert Wiener?

Scholarship Requirements

The scholarship is primarily based on Merit and please note the requirements below:

  1. Deadline is June 22nd

  2. You must have applied to the following (if applicable):

    1. US Citizens and Permanent Residents: FAFSA: or TAP:

    2. Dreamers, DACA or Undocumented: NYS DREAM Act:

    3. International Students: Click Here

  3. Minimum 3.0GPA

  4. Be a Cybersecurity Major

  5. Attend WCC Full-time

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