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Participating and collaborating with other students in cybersecurity competitions will prepare you for the workforce.

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Want to be part of a team?
If you are interested in any of the competitions, please complete the form below:

NCAE Cyber Games

National Centers of Academic Excellence in Cybersecurity (NCAE-C) national competition 

 for students who have never competed before. New competitors can learn about cyber competitions in an environment focused on teamwork, building confidence, and growing your skills!

National Cyber League Competition

The National Cyber League (NCL) is the most inclusive, performance-based, learning-centered collegiate cybersecurity competition today!

Every year during Spring and Fall Semesters

National Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition (NCCDC)

Be part of a team of cybersecurity  students to build, secure, and protect virtual environments against live cyber attacks.

Qualifier: January 29, 2022
Regional: March 18-20, 2022

Global Collegiate Penetration Testing Competition

CPTC focuses on training and evaluating the activities teams are likely to perform during a real-world penetration testing engagement.

August 2022


Teams have a 4 hour competition window to work on the provided virtual machines (which starts when a team registers any of their competition virtual machines)

August 2022

2022 Mid-Hudson Regional Business Plan Competition

The Mid-Hudson Regional Business Plan Competition encourages students to learn how to compete, develop a business plan, think like an entrepreneur, and transform their idea into a new business venture while providing them with tools, funding, and resources available in New York state.

April 2022

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